Kegiatan klub yang bagus


Forget…Lights, camera action, we prefer…budget, edit, project!

The first ever Deus Campur Film Festival was held last night and quite the crowd gathered to watch the premiers of the top 10 entrant’s short films.

The sky may have opened up, scrapping our plans for an outdoor event, but the screen was shimmied inside and the Deus showroom was a more than accommodating theater.

From the youth section all the way through to the open class, quality, dedication and craftsmanship seemed abundant. There was defiantly no short of creativity, especially when it came to including our compulsory list of objects within the movies.

But at the end of the night there could only be three winners. (one for each class)
The judges had deliberated for days before hand and only decided the prize winners  on the night itself.

The “Best Youth Film” went to ‘The Easy List’ – A great little comedy thought up by a posse of young un’s currently at school here in Bali.

The “Best Film” award went to ‘Fixed for Fun’ – Made by a group of bicycle riders all the way from Jogjakarta, they even missioned down on the bus to be present for the screening. Their film showed a true sense of love for their surroundings, along with an unequaled passion for cycling and a great feeling of comradery within the crew…Well done guys!

The “Peoples Choice Award” went to ‘D-Day’ – Probably one of the funniest movie clips to come out of Bali. This one had the whole crowd in laughter, and showed a quick excerpt of what life is like in Bali.

the trophy

Overall the response and entry’s were amazing and we hope to see everyone and more for next years event!

Bali Mountains X Deus Boys

The Deus Australia boys have just returned to where they came, taking with them an experience im sure they wont forget any time soon. Their final days upon the island were spent climbing and bombing the more mountainous regions of Bali.
Stefan, Piero and of course Theo returned with sore legs, happy faces and stories to tell…Stefan has spent most of his life upon the saddle of a bicycle, but had never experienced something quite like that of the Indonesian Mountains. This is Stefan’s account of his first trip to ‘The Island of the Gods.
Bali comes with its many stigmas. Being a split American/Australian national I see Bali through two different eyes. The American view, the distant remote far off island in the Indo archipelago filled with tropical fruit and epic barrels. The Australian point of view is the complete opposite, Bintang singlets, drunk expats puking in the gutter of Kuta and mushroom milkshakes taking you to places far from tropical. In this trip I saw something completely different form both of my preconceptions…

Paths of Pain to Jewels of Glory Event
The last 48 hours have been some of the most tiring, hottest and enjoyable hours i have spent in a long time. The Paths of Pain to Jewels of Glory event brought over 100 fixed gear bicycle enthusiasts from all walks of live together to partake in a peddle packed weekend.

The night kicked off with the participants trickling in from their various modes of transport, each heading to the Bengkel to put their rides back together in preparation for a little night time cruise. From the Deus Temple to Potato Head was the plan, with a little stop off in Oberoi for an impromptu street closure and trick exhibition. Everyone made it to Potato Head, socializing and drinking the night away, resting their weary legs and knocking back a few.

As the morning rolled round, those who stayed up and partied slowly arrived at the Temple, along with those who hadn’t yet gone to bed. A 35km ride through paddy fields to the ocean and back was the first order of the day, testing peoples metal and showing them some beautiful vistas along the way.

The rest of the day saw a Lap Race, Wheelie contests, Trick Showdowns, the Courier Race and games of Sumo and Skid Target. We managed to pack everybody into the emptied showroom floor, putting its polished floors to good use. As the day turned to night, The Hydrant put on a show which had everyone on their feet as well as on their peddles.

The event drew to a close with an awards ceremony sporting some sweet prizes (Thanks to Robby for the Ariel 7 headphones and Adi for the free stays at his hotel) A weekend of exhausting fun is just what I needed, and that’s exactly what I got!

Thanks to everybody that came down and made this event as fun as it was! Yewwww!

Sunday Sunset Music Sessions with Ray D’Sky

Sunday Sunset Music Sessions are back underway at the Deus Cafe. For the first act this year we welcome Ray D’Sky. The folk Band from Jakarta have been together since 2007, playing gigs up and down Bali, The Gili islands and all around Indonesia. On Sunday the 9th of Janruary they will be jammin’ live on the Deus veranda, so come on down and kick off the year with some Cocktails, laughs and good company! Yewww!


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